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Have you ever thought about living a financially free life where you can do what you want instead of what you can afford? And the best part – spend it from your passive income, not from your hard-earned salary. For most people, it takes time to achieve such a result. This is where Globe Funder comes in. We guide you through the process by educating on topics to help you achieve this goal.

Getting to the position where you are financially free is not an easy task and it may differ for everyone but first, you need to determine for yourself – how much passive income should you earn to say that you’re financially free. Our editor team have specialised in topics related to money management, online business and personal finances. We believe that Globe Funder will help you to make smarter financial decisions and provide with opportunities from all over the world.

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We are global and so should be you

For many years governments and countries have been partnering to achieve tremendous results and successful deals. Your bank is investing in foreign stock markets. Why shouldn’t we do the same to get better returns, scale our businesses and accelerate your growth?

More individuals each year decide to travel to foreign countries, invest in foreign companies and learn from international experiences. It’s never been easier to be part of and benefit from globalization.

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