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Revolut trading stocks

Currently, there are 2,230 company stocks available for trading on Revolut, and more details can be seen in the Revolut stock list below. While the app is still not as developed for stock trading as other popular trading alternatives, the number of stocks is growing.

New companies appear or disappear from the Revolut stocks list almost every week. It’s a normal process because Revolut is growing and adding new stocks. Sometimes companies get delisted from the stock exchange, and all trading platforms are required to adapt accordingly. Revolut trading lists stocks from the US stock exchange only (NASDAQ, NYSE and NYSE AMERICA).

Investing involves the risk of loss.

Revolut stocks

Revolut itself is not a publicly-traded company, and it’s not possible to buy Revolut shares. However, it offers stock trading to its users. Today, investors can buy more than 700 NASDAQ, more than 1,000 NYSE and a bit less than 10 NYSE AMERICAN stocks on the platform.

Revolut announcements

Revolut announced another alteration to its fee structure, which will make trading stocks on the platform more expensive. In short, we can probably say that free stock trading is not possible, including on Revolut. Revolut trading fees are often changing, and if you’re trading stocks often, it’s probably a good idea to check similar apps specialising in stock trading services, i.e. DEGIRO.

Let’s take a look at what stocks are available on Revolut.

Revolut list of stocks

Below is a list of the first 100 companies currently available on the Revolut trading app. Prices of stocks don’t update automatically and pay attention to the last updated date in the table. Check the link below to access a list of all 2,230 companies on Revolut.

#Company nameSymbolStock price (USD)Market cap (In millions)Sector
1Agilent TechnologiesA$136.49$40,406.57Medical Diagnostics
2AlcoaAA$41.41$7,326.91Metals Mining
3Ares Acquisition Corp.AAC$9.97$1,077.68General purpose SPAC
4American AirlinesAAL$13.97$9,079.12Airline Service
6Advance Auto PartsAAP$188.08$11,307.04Auto Parts & Tools
7AppleAAPL$144.80$2,327,043.20iPhones & Macs
8American Assets TrustAAT$27.19$1,645.76Real estate
9Atlas AirAAWW$100.54$2,853.68Cargo Airline
13Ameris BancorpABCB$51.28$3,556.78Financial Services
14AbCellera BiologicsABCL$10.74$3,062.39Biotech
17Asbury Automotive GroupABG$157.95$3,495.67Car Dealership
18ABM IndustriesABM$44.41$2,937.79Facility Management
19AbiomedABMD$267.58$12,164.42Medical Devices
20Airbnb IncABNB$112.06$71,662.21P2P Accommodation
21Arbor Realty TrustABR$13.44$2,288.86Real Estate
22Abbott LabsABT$96.93$169,745.76Medical Devices
23ArcosaACA$62.59$3,026.68Construction Engineering
24Acadia PharmaceuticalsACAD$15.70$2,540.94Biotechnology
26ACE Convergence Acquisition CorpACEV$10.25$99.38Target: Tempo Automation
27Arch Capital GroupACGL$51.69$19,080.70Insurance
28Acadia HealthcareACHC$82.31$7,477.12Healthcare
29Archer AviationACHR$2.79$673.90eVTOL
31ACI WorldwideACIW$23.86$2,721.17Payment Services
32Accelleron IndustriesACLLY$16.75
33Axcelis Technologies IncACLS$57.33$1,893.83Design
35Accenture PlcACN$278.84$185,368.12Consulting
36Enact HoldingsACT$25.16$4,097.12Financial Services
3826 Capital Acquisition CorpADER$10.00$343.58Target: Okada Manila
39Analog DevicesADI$140.68$72,357.56Semiconductors
40Archer-Daniels-MidlandADM$94.13$52,765.65Food Production
42Automatic Data ProcessingADP$234.97$97,581.07Business Services
43Adaptive BiotechnologiesADPT$7.38$1,054.40Biotechnology
44AutodeskADSK$210.15$45,362.77Software Services
46Addus HomeCareADUS$101.27$1,628.45Healthcare
47Ameren CorporationAEE$80.28$20,741.98Electric Services
48Advanced Energy IndustriesAEIS$76.51$2,858.34Semiconductors
49American Equity Investment LifeAEL$41.28$3,617.70Insurance
50Agnico Eagle MinesAEM$44.93$20,307.24Mining
51American Eagle OutfittersAEO$11.19$2,096.27Retail
52American Electric PowerAEP$87.18$44,787.33Electricity
53AerCapAER$52.50$12,907.04Aircraft Leasing
54The AES CorporationAES$25.77$17,212.65Energy Production
55American Financial GroupAFG$136.14$11,594.00Financial Services
56AflacAFL$62.70$39,621.17Life Insurance
57Affirm HoldingsAFRM$20.62$5,981.77Consumer Loans
59First Majestic Silver CorpAG$8.47$3,004.86Silver Mining
60AGCO CorporationAGCO$121.29$9,048.00Agricultural Machinery
61Agios PharmaceuticalsAGIO$27.73$1,520.10Pharmaceuticals
62Agilon HealthAGL$20.27$8,329.68Healthcare Platform
63AGNC InvestmentAGNC$7.89$4,349.76Real Estate
64Assured GuarantyAGO$57.04$3,533.22Insurance
67AgilitiAGTI$17.86$2,378.98Medical Equipment
68AgilysysAGYS$61.25$1,533.24Software IncAI$12.84$1,392.90Enterprise Software
71Altra Industrial MotionAIMC$59.72$3,885.77Machinery Industry
72Albany InternationalAIN$90.00$2,799.98Industrial Goods
73AAR Corp.AIR$44.21$1,551.02Aviation
74Applied Industrial TechnologiesAIT$121.17$4,673.69Industrial Products
76Arthur J Gallagher & Co.AJG$177.53$37,340.93Insurance
77Aerojet RocketdyneAJRD$47.52$3,822.39Aerospace
78Akamai TechnologiesAKAM$87.58$13,921.46Cloud Services
79Akero TherapeuticsAKRO$40.97$1,901.68Biotechnology
80Air Lease CorporationAL$34.80$3,859.04Aircraft Leasing
81Albemarle CorporationALB$282.17$33,050.21Chemical Maker
82AlconALC$60.66$29,939.41Eye Care
83AltC Acquisition Corp.ALCC$9.81$627.35General purpose SPAC
84AlleteALE$54.73$3,123.55Clean Energy
86Alexander & BaldwinALEX$18.98$1,380.18Real Estate
87Allegro MicrosystemsALGM$23.83$4,557.95Semiconductors
88Align TechnologyALGN$181.53$14,178.98Invisalign
90AlightALIT$8.09$4,384.54SaaS Provider
91Alaska Air GroupALK$43.27$5,488.11Airlines
93Alkami TechnologyALKT$15.22$1,385.57Software
94AllstateALL$122.57$33,130.12P&C Insurance
96Allogene TherapeuticsALLO$10.23$1,471.14Healthcare
97Allot CommunicationsALLT$3.70$135.37Communications
98Ally FinancialALLY$27.19$8,166.11Banking
99Alnylam PharmaceuticalsALNY$194.00$23,285.14Biopharmaceuticals
100Alarm.comALRM$67.49$3,356.94Home Automation
List of stocks available on Revolut. Source: Revolut trading app.

Revolut new stocks

The newest stocks added to Revolut:

  • ETN – Eaton
  • JCI – Johnson Controls
  • TT – Trane Technologies
  • APTV – Aptiv
  • RTO – Rentokil Initial PLC
  • HZNP – Horizon Therapeutics
  • PRGO – Perrigo
  • IMTX – Immatics
  • GHRS – GH Research
  • ACLLY – Accelleron Industries

The latest stocks removed from Revolut trading:

  • BLL – Ball Corporation (Now trading under BALL ticker)
  • BTNB – Bridgetown 2 Holdings
  • FMAC – FirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp
  • GRUB – Just Eat Takeaway
  • HFC – HollyFrontier
  • KRA – Kraton Corp

Is Revolut good for stocks?

Revolut is not a good choice if you want to trade stocks, as the Standard plan only offers 1 commission-free trade, and it’s impossible to trade stocks from anywhere other than the U.S. stock exchange. You can learn more about the fees and the trading app on our Revolut trading review.

Revolut has provided one of the most user-friendly trading platforms for publicly listed company shares. You can find companies from the most popular stock exchanges: NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NYSE AMERICA and NASDAQ. However, many competitors specialising in stocks can offer a better platform/app for stock trading.

Is it possible to make money with Revolut?

Yes. It’s possible to make money with Revolut if you successfully trade stocks. However, trading comes with high risk, and you should evaluate the risks involved. The trading platform doesn’t guarantee any results, and it’s your responsibility to pick the right stock. You may also lose your funds if companies lose value and your purchased assets become less valuable.

What is the current Revolut share price?

Revolut is not publicly traded, so its shares cannot be traded on the stock market. However, Revolut is raising capital from venture capitalists from time to time. Revolut has achieved a valuation of 33 Billion US dollars in the last known funding series.

Is Revolut a publicly-traded company?

No. Revolut is not a publicly-traded company yet. But it offers investors and traders services to buy publicly listed companies’ shares.

How many companies are available on Revolut trading?

There are 2,230 company stocks listed that you can trade on Revolut.

Which stocks can I buy on Revolut stocks?

You can buy stocks from the US stock exchange. These are companies listed on NASDAQ, NYSE and NYSE America.

Is Revolut listed on the stock exchange?

No. Revolut is not listed on the stock exchange yet. However, app users can buy stocks from publicly-traded companies on the US stock exchange.

Can I buy S&P500 on Revolut?

No. You cannot buy the S&P500 index on the Revolut app since it’s not available on the platform. It’s possible to buy individual stocks from the S&P500 on Revolut. To buy the S&P500 Index, you’d need to look for a Revolut alternative.

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