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If you are not new to stock trading, you probably heard about the term penny stocks. Penny stocks are company stocks that sell below the 5 USD mark per share. The list of shares available on Revolut is not long, however, there are several companies shares available that would classify as penny stocks.  

Your capital is at risk.

Common penny stocks risks

Penny stock trading comes with additional risks. Some of these stocks can be only bought ‘over the counter‘ (OTC). However, some companies can be acquired and sold on online trading platforms like Revolut or similar stock trading platform alternatives. The most common risks associated with penny stock trading are: 

  • Penny stock companies may not be able to provide enough financial data to supervisory authorities. It leaves room for potential fraud or illegal activities by the company management. Usually, more common for companies that sell ‘over the counter’.
  • Less valuable companies may still fight for their market share to survive in the market. 
  • The company may be in financial trouble. I.e. The company is filing for bankruptcy, so their further existence is under question.
  • These companies are usually less liquid, and you may not be able to sell them at the price you desire. 
  • Etc.

However, there are multiple tiers for penny stocks, and you can avoid some of the risks mentioned above. Revolut made available only penny stocks that are traded on exchanges like NASDAQ, NYSE and NYSE AMERICAN. These companies are required to meet a certain criterion to be listed on these exchanges.

How to buy the best penny stocks online?

Buying penny shares is simple if you’re using Etoro or Revolut stock trading app. You can buy penny shares from 21 companies on the Revolut stock trading app, but in the Etoro platform, you can buy penny shares from many more companies, as well as from multiple regions or markets. On both trading platforms, you’ll have access to common penny stock companies that are listed on popular exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ. As mentioned above, these are the best penny stocks to buy since they are not traded ‘Over the counter’, are safer and more liquid.

To buy penny shares, you need a stock trading account on the Etoro or Revolut platform. Once your stock trading account is activated, you need to look for company stocks priced below 5 USD per share.

21 Penny stock on Revolut

McEwen Mining IncMUX1,32Non-Energy MineralsMetals MiningNYSE
Grupo SupervielleSUPV2,11FinanceBankingNYSE
New Age BeverageNBEV2,24Consumer Non-DurablesBeveragesNASDAQ
Companhia Energética de Minas GeraisCIG2,42UtilitiesEnergy ProductionNYSE
QudianQD2,45Technology ServicesCredit SolutionsNYSE
Mizuho Financial GroupMFG2,88FinanceBankingNYSE
Iamgold CorpIAG2,9Non-Energy MineralsGold MiningNYSE
BBVA Banco FrancésBBAR3,32FinanceBankingNYSE
AmbevABEV3,49Consumer Non-DurablesBeveragesNYSE
Harmony Gold Mining Company LimitedHMY3,68Non-Energy MineralsMetals MiningNYSE
Ultrapar ParticipaçõesUGP3,8Energy MineralsOil & GasNYSE
TransEnterixTRXC3,85Commercial ServicesSurgical RoboticsNYSE AMERICAN
Genworth FinancialGNW3,92FinanceInsuranceNYSE
Invesco Mortgage CapitalIVR3,92FinanceReal EstateNYSE
Opko HealthOPK4,08Health TechnologyPharmaceuticalsNASDAQ
Diversified Healthcare TrustDHC4,15FinanceReal EstateNASDAQ
B2Gold CorporationBTG4,19Non-Energy MineralsMetals MiningNYSE AMERICAN
Yamana GoldAUY4,19Non-Energy MineralsGold MiningNYSE
New York Mortgage TrustNYMT4,43FinanceReal EstateNASDAQ
YPFYPF4,55Energy MineralsOil & GasNYSE
MFA FinancialMFA4,6FinanceReal EstateNYSE
Cheapest stocks on Revolut. Source: Revolut trading app.
Cheapest stocks on Revolut
All penny stocks on Revolut trading.

NYSE penny shares on Revolut

  • MUX – McEwen Mining Inc
  • QD – Qudian
  • SUPV – Grupo Supervielle
  • CIG – Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais
  • MFG – Mizuho Financial Group
  • IAG – Iamgold Corp
  • ABEV – Ambev
  • GNW – Genworth Financial
  • UGP – Ultrapar Participações
  • BBAR – BBVA Banco Francés
  • IVR – Invesco Mortgage Capital
  • MFA – MFA Financial
  • HMY – Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited

NASDAQ penny shares on Revolut

  • NBEV – New Age Beverage
  • OPK – Opko Health
  • DHC – Diversified Healthcare Trust
  • NYMT – New York Mortgage Trust
  • LXRX – Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

Questions about penny stocks

What is considered a penny stock?

Penny stock is a company stock that is publicly traded and is priced below 5 USD per share.

What is a good penny stock to buy?

Penny stocks are riskier than any other stocks so you must be careful. A good penny stock to buy must not be overpriced and should have good market potential. You may find a good penny stock in the list above.

How to day trade penny stocks?

To day trade penny stocks, you should look at first tier penny stocks that are available on stock trading platforms and have enough liquidity. Such companies are usually already listed on most popular stock exchanged like NYSE, NASDAQ and others.

How do I buy penny stocks?

To buy penny stocks, you must have an account with a stockbroker (i.e. Etoro). Then you can look for stocks that are priced below 5 USD and submit a buy order. However, not all penny stocks are available on online trading platforms. Some penny stocks are traded ‘over the counter’.

Where to buy penny stocks?

You can buy some more established penny stocks on trading platforms or apps like Etoro, Revolut Trading (in Europe) and Robinhood (in the US). For less valuable penny stocks that are priced below 1 USD, you can use online trading platforms like Interactive Brokers or TD Ameritrade.

What is the cheapest stock on Revolut?

At the moment, the cheapest stock on Revolut available for trading is McEwen Mining Inc (MUX), which is currently traded below 2 USD per share.

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